Hub & Spoke

Hub and Spoke links portals into a network for automated
content & education distribution

Hub and Spoke manages and delivers content, training & marketing to multiple portals across the network providing a continuous stream of updated information, easy management of spoke portals, and network analytics.

Cloud network
The Hub Portal

The hub portal in the network becomes the centralized repository of content, education, events, marketing campaigns and network reports. Program portals are connected to the hub for portal management, content distribution, marketing campaign distribution and activity reports.

content distribution
Efficient Content Distribution

Post content, training, and events on the hub and automatically duplicate posts on spoke portals immediately or on a schedule. Post types created on the hub (articles, infographics, etc.) are automatically added to spoke portals. Portal owners can choose to approve content before it goes live.

content catalog example
Organized into catalogs

The hub segments content and information into catalogs and duplicates the entire catalog onto a spoke portal. InterAct’s content library contains 40 catalogs that spoke portals can choose to have appear on their site. Spoke portals can have their own catalogs to add content locally.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be created on the hub and made available for programs to deliver to their email list to raise program awareness, attract potential participants or encourage sponsorship. Campaigns have 4 outbound emails, a customized sign up page and reports that detail campaign success.

Efficient Administration

Hub portal administrators login to the hub and can move between spoke portals to manage each portal.  Portals can be connected to other portals outside the network to add and manage members or for a single sign on login experience between an InterAct and 3rd party portal.

tablet showing statistics
Network Analytics

Spoke portals record each time an individual logs in, visits a catalog, interacts with content posts, registers for an event, or fills out a form. It also records non-member views and the success of email campaigns. Access reports on activity across the network from the hub.