Treatment Programs

Extended care solutions for treatment programs

LifeLine helps substance abuse and addictions treatment programs leverage our turnkey technology solution to keep their clients connected to treatment, connected to community, connected to family to reduce relapse, improve outcomes and provide wellness and recovery strategies for the client and their families.

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LifeLine helps programs improve outcomes with extended care

Individuals that complete treatment and stay connected to their program for 6 consecutive months are 20% less likely to relapse. The LifeLine technology organizes and customizes an aftercare program for each individual client, providing Telehealth connections to therapists and recovery coaches, offering online support groups and discussion forums and wellness education. The mobile application offers structure, accountability and safety with personal calendars and text reminders, check ins, secure messaging and surveys, and wearables that detect potential overdose.  Explore Program Features

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LifeLine is easy to implement and  provides programs many benefits

Programs generate incremental revenue from aftercare and family support, raise the level of satisfaction with the client and family, and generate data from interactions with the platform to document results. Providing aftercare services for a year after initial treatment reduces relapse and improves recovery with the data to publish the results in outcome studies. The LifeLine service is “turnkey”. Program portals receive a continuous flow of wellness and recovery content and education and all the tools built in to deliver the program.  

Extended relationships produce incremental revenue for programs.

Programs generate incremental revenue from aftercare and family support. InterAct collaborates with programs to determine the appropriate cost structure for clients receiving aftercare or family support services using LifeLine. Once program fees have been established, InterAct will take a percentage of revenue, making the program easy for any program to afford and implement. Should a program choose to have a licensing agreement with InterAct, they have the option to convert at any time and pay a fixed monthly or quarterly fee.