Collegiate Recovery

Automate collegiate recovery programs nationwide

We help collegiate recovery programs become highly efficient, serve as many students as possible, educate their audiences and raise awareness of the program to generate funding to operate.

Collegiate Recovery Portal

A “collegiate recovery in a box” technology solution

We provide branded and customized online portals for a collegiate recovery program designed to automate their processes and educate and communicate with their audiences. Portals connect to a centralized online hub site that delivers content and education on a continuous basis. Portals are managed for each collegiate program, but staff can choose to take on some of those responsibilities.

Programs become efficient, visible, and expand services

The all-in-one technology solution keeps students connected and provides easy access to the resources necessary to succeed academically while sustaining recovery. The automated portal technology frees up resources and provides staff with greater ability to educate their audiences, direct their students, and organize their data. The content library provides education to help students find jobs and stay connected after graduation to extend their community experience.  Programs use personal calendars, check ins, text reminders and secure messaging to help students with structure and accountability.

InterAct’s solution is affordable and helps generate funding

The technology and educational content are provided as a low-cost program that is eligible to be funded by grants and donations. The portal technology provides opportunities to generate funding through corporate sponsorships, advertising, and donations to help collegiate recovery programs cover the cost of the technology and fund their program.  No additional staff is needed because InterAct manages the  technology for you!