Connected Portal Network + Mobile Platform

Unique hub and spoke portal technology networks individual portals together for content and education distribution. Portals provide complete program automation and connect with a mobility platform for accountability through compliance tracking.

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Program Portals

We provide branded and customized online portals for collegiate recovery and treatment programs to automate their processes, educate and communicate with their audiences, and keep participants connected to community. Portals organize content and education, manage members, have discussion forums, hold client data, offer a messaging engine and provide analytics that can be used for outcome studies. 

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The Hub & Spoke Portal Network

Hub and spoke technology connects program portals to a centralized site allowing efficient delivery of content and education to portals in the network. Videos, articles, blogs, infographics, or banners are added to the hub portal and those posts and graphics appear automatically on portals that have opted to receive that content. Portal owners can set up post-approval before any content goes live on their site. 

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The Mobile Platform

The mobile platform offers programs the option to have participant monitoring and accountability, get daily check-ins, send and receive HIPAA secure messages, and alert others if the individual is at risk. The cloud-based application is easy to set up, add participant information and track individuals on a daily basis. In development are biometric devices to test blood alcohol levels and vitals to reduce the potential for accidental overdoses.

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