Who manages the technology portal a program uses?

InterAct Lifeline assumes the management of the technology so the program staff does not have to dedicate resources to portal management.  InterAct will teach a program how to manage the portal in the event programs want to manage some of the technology themselves.

How do you protect individual information housed in the portal?

InterAct Lifeline hosts its technology and data secured in the private cloud by Rackspace, one of the largest cloud hosting organizations in the world.  Rackspace proactively monitors access to the platform to identify and prevent any attacks on the technology or its data.  Rackspace maintains an end-to-end HIPAA compliant solution.

What are the key features of the program portal?

Program portals provide an all in one solution to manage connections with clients, students, parents and others.  Portals have a CRM system to manage data, record all interactions with the technology to analyze member behavior, have a messaging engine to send notifications, reminders, custom messages and newsletters to portal members, offer member management services, and provide detailed reports.

How do program portals receive content and education from InterAct?

Portals are connected to a "hub site" that contains all of the content and education available to a program.  Programs determine which content catalogs they would like connected to the hub site and when content is added, their portals automatically receive that content.  Programs can turn on "post-approval" to review content before it goes live on their site.

What happens if I'm experiencing problems with the technology?

Contact InterAct Lifeline and we will resolve the problem.  Our customer service department is there to resolve issues, teach you how to use the technology and make sure you have an excellent customer experience.

Describe the mobile application.

Programs have their clients use the mobile application to have their events and schedule added to a calendar, be messaged to remind them an event is coming up, and have Connect Comply locate them and take their picture when they check-in.  The application allows clients to receive and send secure messages and send messages back to their treatment team.  Alerts go out if the client fails to check-in or answers a questionnaire in a way that indicates there are immediate issues to address.

How customized is the technology for our program or college?

Programs and colleges have a unique URL for their portal and portals are branded and customized for the individual program.  Programs can choose the way their home page looks, how their data is managed, the types of content the portal receives, how they message portal members and a host of other items that are custom to the program.

What does the technology cost?

We build both the education and technology into the program fees and either take a percentage of revenue for the use of the technology or charge a low subscription fee.  All programs can begin using the service with little to no out of pocket cost.